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Workshop Exploring the Theoretical Domains Framework in Behaviour Change Research


Behaviour change is key to increasing the uptake of evidence into healthcare practice and improving health outcomes. A variety of psychological theories have been used to explain health care professional behaviours and cognitions across a range of behaviours and settings. However, the large number of theories and overlapping constructs presents a challenge for knowing how to select and apply theories when exploring specific behaviours. The Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF) was developed to make theories more accessible for implementation researchers (see for more details of TDF and its use). This workshop led by internationally leading faculty will introduce TDF and its use in Knowledge Translation research.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the workshop participants were able to:
  • Describe the origins of the Theoretical Domains Framework and identify the component domains and constructs.
  • Identify at least three different ways in which the Theoretical Domains Framework can be operationalized in behaviour change research.
  • Develop a strategy for using the Theoretical Domains Framework to support some aspect of their behaviour change research.
  • Identify resources and strategies to support their ongoing learning about the Theoretical Domains Framework.
Title Presenter
Welcome and Introductions
Behavioural approaches to knowledge translation
(video 21 minutes 39MB, PDF of presentation)
Jeremy Grimshaw,
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute & University of Ottawa
Development and validation of the theoretical domains framework
(video 26 minutes 39MB, PDF of presentation)
Susan Michie,
Univerity College London
Using the TDF to Assess Barriers
(video 32 minutes 50MB, PDF of presentation)
Jill Francis,
City University London
Using the theoretical domains framework to design interventions: Designing a practice improvement strategy
(video 30 minutes 64MB, PDF of presentation)
Simon French,
University of Melbourne
Using the TDF for process evaluation
(video 19 minutes 29MB, PDF of presentation)
Janet Curran,
Dalhousie University
Overview of methodological challenges
(video 45 minutes 70MB, PDF of presentation)
Denise O'Connor,
Monash University
Practical issues in using the TDF: The case of professional behaviour change
(video 22 minutes 30MB, PDF of presentation)
Rebecca Lawton,
University of Leeds
Practical issues in using the TDF: Methodology of TDF
Canadian intensive care physicians' beliefs about their transfusion behaviour: Application of the TDF to select theory
(combined video 37 minutes 54MB, PDF of presentations)
Andrea Patey,
City University London
Rafat Islam,
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Using Theoretical Domains Framework to inform an intervention to manage cardiovascular disease risk in people with severe mental illness: PRIMROSE Programme
(video 13 minutes 20MB, PDF of presentation)
Lou Atkins,
City University London
Investigating intensive care health professionalsí views about Selective Decontamination of the Digestive tract: the SuDDICU study
(video 10 minutes 16MB, PDF of presentation)
Eilidh Duncan,
University of Aberdeen
Understanding the factors influencing the management of patients with minor head injuries in the emergency department: A qualitative study to inform the development of an implementation intervention
(video 25 minutes 32MB, PDF of presentation)
Marije Bosch,
Monash University

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