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  • Upper and lower case are considered the same so GRIMSHAW, Jeremy is the same as grimshaw, jeremy.
  • Critreia can match anywhere in each field. For example land matches both Landry, KIRKLAND, and Jolanda.
  • Beware of typos, there is no autocorrect.
  • Beware of accents, Légaré is different than Legare.
  • The search function understands the logical operators AND OR NOT, parentheses ( ) and double quotes ".
  • The logical operator precendence is: NOT, AND then OR.
  • Spaces between keywords are treated as ANDs. So Grimshaw Stacey means Grimshaw AND Stacey.
  • Use parentheses to control the order of operations and to make searches more readable.
  • Text inside double quotes is treated as a single search term. For example "and/or" would ignore the logical operators and search for the text and/or.
  • Each criteria row is ANDed with the other rows.
  • All data is text. So Start and End Year are not treated as numbers.
  • The Funding field can be use to identify similar or related projects. For example search for PHSI or "KT Canada".